This page needs a lot of thought. Its supposed to be about me and right about now, well throughout my life actually its hardly ever been about me. Thats all about to change. . . And I will write here when I know what is to be written to describe who I actually am.

And heres the update on the above…

Patesco is a latin word which can be defined as :

be opened|open|revealed

become clear|known




I chose this name for my site as thats what I wanted to be, exposed. Living this life isnt easy, I wouldnt say I am intellectually minded all the time, but sometimes, its good to expose your thoughts. Does it matter who you are exposed to? I guess so, but not to me. Its like taking a burden off my chest; being able to express a side of me that doesnt just turn up in a conversation. But that side is a part of me, and as I get older, perhaps it wants to be heard more. So I come here to wordpress to find an outlet for certain thoughts and moods. I’d be surprised if I was the only one.

Exposed wearing a mask… Ironic

Melicus is another latin word meaning:

 lyric poet



Lyrical is why I chose the name. My lyrics, my words, used to express my mind, my feelings,my thoughts. To express to strangers what I can only say to myself.

The ‘G‘ just stands for gangster, ‘cus if you saw me on the street thats what your first impression of me would probably be. I doubt many would link my image to my here blog.

I am a 36 year old guy living, I mean not quite living but none the less alive, in London. Life has changed though. I have decided to live after a long time, perhaps Melicus G to the world is the first step towards that. The past that shaped me will always be a part of me and I walk forward in the hope I am able to tame the bad past and squeeze out the good past and create for myself a new life where I will be living and not just alive.

I work in london for my own business which is quite successful and property related.

And after that update, all that is required to further say is ……………

And I will write here when I know what is to be written to describe who I actually am. 😉



  1. Hi
    I am nominating you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Please see my post titled One Lovely Blog Award for more details. Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  2. Melicus said, “And I will write here when I know what is to be written to describe who I actually am.” I was wondering if you were ready to describe who you really are to us?

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