The battle

Last night, while all of you slept, I was in a battle of epic proportions. Wave after wave of enemies attacked me and I fought every single one of them. I was bigger, I was stronger, they were smaller, they were many.

After hours of battle, I realised the enemy was sacrificing individuals for the greater good. They were relying on me to run out of stamina, to get tired, to stop fighting. Some hours into the war I realised this, but by then I had exherted too much energy already. The evidence of war was everywhere, bodies on the floor, blood splattered on walls, an enemy graveyard at my feet, but every small victory felt like a prelude to a great defeat.
Finally at 6am, having depleted the enemies resources as much as i could, I got into my bed and said curse you, you evil bastards!! As I lay there, slowly fatigue taking me into a state of unconsciousness, the enemy set forth to extract revenge for every fallen comrade…this was going to be payback…i heard the triumphant announcement in my ear before they began to devour me… Damn fucking mosquitos I mumbled, drifting into sleep on my enemies dinner table.

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