Internet trolls


I think it’s fantastic that finally the world outside the net is trying to control what is going on inside the net. People argue about freedom, which without doubt is one of the greatest gifts of our time, but this freedom must not be allowed to be abused by those who deserve it the least.

I believe they should go further. Just like in the real world, where we have one physical appearance where ever we go or whatever we do, in the net it should be the same. I should be able to choose an avatar or something which identifies me. It should not be possible to open multiple avatars. Then I will be more conscious of what and where I go online. It’s not tagging, just like in real life, it’s who you are. So as _____ if I write here, with the same name I will go into a social chat room or write comments on articles etc. I don’t see why not. If Afghanistan, Iran, etc are the badlands of earth, then the whole World Wide Web is a bad land. People here are more exposed, more vulnerable. They open up easier to strangers because they aren’t face to face to them. They get lost deeper and deeper into their fantasies because there is nothing pulling them back. It’s high time we started controlling this land that offers so much good and also bad.


How many paedophiles would be as carefree if they were leaving footsteps behind on the net? How many potential terrorists would go exploring about bomb making? How many racists would be so keen on leaving messages on racist friendly websites like the mail newspaper? I for one would love to see just the one profile for the person who does that especially.

Freedom of speech is a great gift, but we should be able to see who is saying it. If everyone is free to say what they want online, then those who read have the right to know who is writing those opinions.

I was looking up tonight alkaline diets. I was being told by one set of websites how this would change my life for the better while the other side was telling me I would be a mug for trying it. On the net, names are thrown at random, making it harder to believe what be the truth and what be a lie. The gateway to knowledge is full of people without knowledge or ulterior motives to try and muddle the truth and casual surfers will find it harder and harder to find the truth. That got me thinking, people are hired to write blogs and make up conversations, ultimately driving people to their product or service, usually without them even noticing. Wouldn’t it be nice if the name of the writers could be justified or rebutted? When anyone couldn’t just use any name that they felt was trustworthy sounding?

What about my name? Does it sound trustworthy? How can I make these comments when I am myself obscure from the reader? Is that not hypocritical?

I don’t think so. I have my real world life. I like to keep it separate; I have no objections to having a traceable online avatar. But this avatar is my online persona. The reason? I think people Google other people. By me expressing myself here, I leave myself exposed to people who I may or may not know, understanding me. They might come up to me, pretending they haven’t researched me and think they know how I think. I don’t want to give them that “one up” on me or my feelings. Meeting people should be on level ground and I have the same beliefs in real life. Many a time when interviewing people for jobs I’ve googled them. I bet I am not the only one. So the difference between me and the hidden online racist? He protects his/her id and unleashes on here his/ her hatred, it will usually be a short term name with no links. All I am saying his that this name should link to all his/her profiles online so that we know more about the person. Same with “Dr. I. Knowbest” so we know he/she is a real doctor for starters before we take on their health tips! Eventually I think it has to happen; I just wish eventually was now already!



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