Round and round


Round goes the world

Round and round and round

A never ending ride free of charge

All around the sun

Around on its axis

No wonder life is so confusing

I am sitting here getting dizzy

You can’t just hop off

This is a never-ending ride

Until you die and someone else takes your place

Still round and round the world goes

Buried 6foot under, in death still round you go

If we could be still just for a little while

I need to take a breather, to understand what’s happening inside

Round and round, round we go


I wake in the morn brush my teeth comb my hair

Wash my face get dressed off to work

I catch the bus: I’m late again

Work work lunch work work

Time to go home I catch my bus

Wash my face take my shoes off

Lie on the couch, ahh I’m home at last!

Dinner is served, wonder what ill watch on TV tonight…

Time for bed change my clothes

Brush my teeth close my eyes

Round and round, round we go

I ask again, why?

Am I here for this?

So there was a big bang you say

And I ended up here

And I have no purpose?

Oh I do that’s right how can I forget?

Work get old and die

THAT’S your explanation for my existence??

And if I don’t accept this life then what?

I get thrown aside, out of the rat race

People will look down at me; call me a failure

I will lose everything I own

No no! No more asking why


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