Gun Planet


Life is that beautiful dream that I exist in

Life is that feeling of happiness that you cant take away from me

Life is that buzz free of charge

Life is that sweet scent as my baby lies by my side

But I smell gunpowder; I smell the blood of innocent lives

I smell it from Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, America

Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir and other forgotten lands

So I wonder if they know what is life

Love is the cure for all pains

Love is that feeling always within me

Love is a gift from the Lord above

Love is when you kiss me and im lost in your eyes

But I hear gunshot; I hear innocent voices screaming

I hear them beg for mercy as tyrants try to rule their land

Yet they stand to defend what is theirs at all cost

So I wonder if they know what is love

A smile is the sun on a rainy day

A smile is what’ll keep sadness at bay

A smile is the sexiest thing to wear

A smile is what you give me sweetie every single day

But I see guns; I see people fighting for their right to exist

I see young mothers cry as their children are shot

Yet I see more children come forward to take the next gunshot

So I wonder when was the last time they smiled

Death is the end of my dream; Death is the killer of my life

Death will finish the love, Death will wipe the smile off my face

But I feel laughter; I feel the laughter of those who died before

The innocent souls that were now set free

And in the heavens they are content, sad no more

So I wonder whose life had been worth living

You reap what you sow

Engrossed in our own world

Guilty of ignoring our fellow man

When man forgets how to live with love

He, if you look around and realise,

He will die like the animal that he is.



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