I am better than you

I am bigger than you

I am brighter than you

I am stronger than you


I know what you think

I know what you feel

I know where you have come from

I know where your end will be


I give you hope

I give you chances

I give you a purpose for existence

I give you true reality


I will help if you ask me to

I will guide if you want me to

I will show you the path if you need me to

I will save you, if you want me to


I was here before you

I was what was sent to you

I was the reason for your creation

I was a guide for you


I do not need you; you need me

I do not need to see you; you need to see me

I do not find you; you need to find me

I do not represent you; you need to represent me


Yet you dare to forget me

You dare to avoid me

You think you can avoid me?

You cannot…I am your destiny


I am truth; I am honesty

I am obedience; I am humility

I am forgiveness; I am kindness

I am war; I am peace

I am around you; I am inside you


I am O human the past you forgot about

I am O human the future you must face

I am O human the word of your Lord;

But I don’t recognise you no more, who are you?

Yesterday you forgot me and today I disown you…


O my fellow humans wake up before you are woken up……

This dream will end and then you must face your Lord,

Imagine that, standing there knowing that the time has come,

And then looking down, for you already know the deeds you have done.


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