Cupids Broken Arrow


When cupids’ arrow broke

I was sitting under a tree

Suddenly u turned gazed up

A look that said u no longer love me

I grinned, and saw perplex ion on your face

You didn’t realise your eyes had already told me

And as my heart sank to its lowest depth

All I could do was smile

The look was gone

The smile was no more

My eyes were burning

But the tears were on the inside

U couldn’t see them then

Cupids’ arrow twisted in my heart

And the blood that hurts

But cant be seen

Began to flow

I carried on

Loving u

I knew not how not to

Thinking I would let myself down slowly

U didn’t need to throw it in my face

U didn’t need to cheat on me

U didn’t need to twist the arrow further

But u did

When I see cupid

Im gonna grab the lil f**ker

And wring his neck

And tie him upside down from that very tree

Then im gonna beat his dead body

With my bare fists

Again and again

Day and night

Night and day

And ill stop one day

When he looks like how I feel

When cupids’ arrow broke

My soul was taken from me

And when I sit under our tree

I realise u never did really love me


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