Love Cup


Deny me thee the cup of love

When I have travelled from afar

My lips be chipped

My eyes be dim

The light of life

Painfully being put out

I am now weak

So feel ye that you is strong?

Ha! How ill your thoughts

And how wrong your reasoning!

Ye recognise me not I think

I am an angel

I cannot soar nor do I fly

Save with my soul

Think ye I am at thy mercy

For you have what I seek?

Ye I think may be mad

For no value has thy beauty

Save when seen through these eyes

And when I be no more

I will be the emptiness that thee will feel

So consider well what it is thou wants indeed

For if the cup doesn’t touch my lips

It’ll become poison for thee



One comment

  1. Pretty scary Melicus! I think I might have been or am a love cup…
    How bout’ yourself? Have you ever been someone’s love cup? Have you ever denied any woman your cup of love????????

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