I smile at the airport

Looking at strangers whizzing by

Coming out to a new land

Full of new dreams and new hopes

Family friends or lovers perhaps await them

Or the returning ones

Coming back from wherever they have been

They look back at me and smile

I am not the one they are seeking

Nor are they the ones my eyes seek

Yet we look similar

In a big airport we look for our treasure

I can’t stop smiling

The expectation grows each time another walks out

No it’s not her

Dammit not her again

But each one makes the expectation grow

She’s behind there


Picking her luggage perhaps

Smiling excitedly to herself as well perhaps

She’s gotta walk through these doors

And she does

And we see each other again

Our eyes lock

Smiling eyes full of excitement



As she slowly steps to me

I move around the barrier and stand in front of her

Her eyes

My eyes

Her gaze

My gaze

She looks away shyly and I walk closer

Hi I whisper

Hi she shyly replies

All them phone calls, face times and messaging

Worlds apart

Not any more

Face to face

She in front of me

Me in front of her

Hourless conversations no more

Just silence

Just presence

Just you

And me

At last

Blur of people around us

Lovers meeting lovers

Families being reunited

People and people

People and people

And you

And me

I reach my hand to your cheek

You still won’t look up

I lean forward, kiss you on your cheek and take your bag

Sliding my arm around you

I lead you away from your world

I walk away with you from my world

And together we step into our world.




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