Life, you aren’t  going to beat me

Keep trying, but you aren’t going to beat me

Sometimes you have the upper hand, but you aren’t going to beat me

Do your worst, you just won’t beat me

I don’t need you, you need me

For all you have is me

I have you and I have to follow eternity

I was the one the Jinn and Angels bowed before

By the will of my Lord of course

This whole world was made for me

The air the mountains the sea and trees,

And you too are nothing but a test for me

The harder the test, the sweeter the reward will be

Get it? You didn’t create me I created you

So come on, is this the worst you can do???

Yeah so what if you’ve made me cry before

The tears dried up didn’t they?

Yeah so what if you gave me grief

I overcame it didn’t I?

Yeah so what if you knocked me to my knees?

I’m standing again aren’t I??

You just don’t get it do you?

The harder you come at me

The harder I come right back at you

Push me back a step if you can

But I be pushing right back at you

Yeah you win some of our battles

And sometimes I win a few too

You know now I was the wrong one to mess with

Thought you’d steam roll me didn’t you?

Thought the fear of losing would break me in two?

Haha now you see me laughing at you

Why?? Because I just refuse to lose

And when death, the finish line comes

You will still see me laughing as I leave you

See for as long as I’m laughing I win and you lose…………..



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