Lateral Thinking

Blue skies green grass
Peace at last
As the sun brightens my days
And the roses cover my ways
And from the darkness I have come
To be merry and to sing songs
Even my shadow seems brighter
And for all its been through, my heart lighter
Here, where the earth is blessed
I remember those sad days
And think of the fool I been
Wasting life looking behind
When the only life was really ahead
And recall oh madman how it changed
Miserable with life I was at end
Till I drove by a peasant
Singing songs on the back of a donkey
With features befitting more a monkey
Grinning and praising the Lord
And wacking the donkeys ass once more
And I stopped and asked the fool
You having nothing
Your life is meaningless
So what is it that makes you sing with glee?
He looked and laughed
And wacked the poor donkey once more
You see the lock but you know not
Where to find the key
Things could be worse my friend
I could be the donkey and the donkey me!


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