Dream of me when the cold wind blows over your face
And you move the quilt to cover yourself
Think of me as you become half awake
And press your face further into the pillow
Remember me as you turn to sleep again
And take a deep sigh
I can see you through it all right now
For that cold wind was my last touch

I hope peace is on your face
As the moon shines on it with envy
I wish happy thoughts are in your mind
Even though I doubt they belong to me
I remember when you used to curl into me
Was that real or was it actually MY dream?
I can’t see you no more
Cuz the tears burn my eyes;
Boiling water from my soul

Who can I turn to? Who can I blame?
One sided love; story of the insane
Why remember I what you have forgotten?
How can I resist the temptation to cry?
I was the dream that you had long ago
And now I am nothing, where do forgotten dreams go?
You don’t remember; what can I tell of my love story?
My heart cries, my eyes swell up; yet there’s nothing to tell

One night you will dream of me
One day you will think of me
Some day you will wonder what became of me
Some night you will remember how I used to feel
Eventually you will shed a tear for me
I hope I will feel what I know I can never see


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