Departure Lounge


I smiled as an angel came and took my soul away

All my life for death I have waited

And she smiled and took my breath away

She took my hand and pulled me out of my carcass

And we looked at my death with a smile on its face

Not many take my hand so gladly she said

Some scream some sob some beg some cry

But very few smile as I take this world away

Look at me I replied

Them shoes, them worn out shoes

Every step they took they hoped it would be the last

Look at them hands

If they didn’t pray for death,

For life also they did not ask

Look at them eyes with a glow inside

Finally in this wretched world they seem to be satisfied

I walked around my carcass all smiles

Looking down at the pitiful man that was dead

Locked into life by work

Pushed into sadness by love

Stepping forward in hope

Always pushed back by his own fears

Can’t do this

Wont do that

This isn’t right

And I’m scared of that

I laughed loud

The angel frowned

Foolish man what is wrong with you?

Do you know who created you?

The Lord, the Almighty, the Powerful, the Wise,

Who gave you untold gifts for you to use

And sent messengers to not allow the devil to fool you

And you hate what he created for you?

You are superior to us angels

And this is the best you can do?

I just smiled and looked at her

And silently followed as she started her assent

What do angels know? Nothing I thought


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