Let my lips be the ones to take you to heaven
Is heaven but in a lovers kiss?
Let my eyes be forever for you a home
Happily here you can eternally live
Let my caress be for you the meaning of life
Soft gentle and loving

Let my words be your faith
Let my smile be your intoxication
Let my arms be your hiding place from the world
Let my soul be forever locked within yours
Let my chest be your pillow
Let my heartbeat forever sing you a song
Let my breath be what sustains you
Let my poems be what teaches you love
Let my body show you the joys of lust
Let my dreams be of nothing but us

Every second henceforth without you
I will not be able to bear
Every breath I take with out you
Will only be a gasp of despair
Let me be the one for you my darling
And together life shall we share….


One comment

  1. Hey Melicus,

    I wanted to ask you 2 questions?
    Is this a song or poem you took from somewhere or did you write this poem yourself? And If its yours would it be ok for me to take and share or post from time to time, (of,course the credit will always go to you) Im in love with this poem, I read it over and over, the parts when he says “Let my chest be your pillow,…let my poems be what teaches you love…(isn’t it ironic this poem is teaching me love)..let my smile be your intoxication… I want to be with a man who feels this way about me.

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