Blood on the Moon


Blood on the moon
I watch and my lips let out a sigh
And though the night sits quietly around me
I hear my lover as she cries
United souls, separated bodies
Miles away yet both gazing into the sky
Two lovers waiting to once again unite
Blood on the moon
Helplessly I look on
Knowing that along with me my lover also yearns
For a look a kiss a caress


Inside me so much love to give
Enough to turn the world upside down
Yet within me like a fire controlled
It rests, for it is only unlocked by your kiss
When we meet it flows like the ocean
Drowning me and you to its depths
Blood on the moon
Sweeps the tide higher
Two lovers close together when we close our eyes
Soon baby will our waves of life collide


Blood on the moon
As it gazes down on two lovers
Separated by an ocean
Still locked into one another
And as they gaze up to it
It gives them hope
But it’s seen this too many times before
Blood on the moon
Unable to do, save to watch
And with the blood of failed lovers afore
The moon in red wept and glowed


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