Lust Love



Love will make you lust for your lover

Lust won’t necessarily make you love your partner

An image of love perhaps, kinda, sorta, maybe,

Beyond ones reach yet always visible





Broken hearts everywhere in this world

Where first we lust then we love


I  have been eluded by love

So take pity on this heart of mine

In a moments glance lust consumes me

And for a lifetime love eludes me





  1. Hello Melicus! I have been following your blogs for a couple of weeks now and I never post a comment, instead I just end up checking the like box, even though I really want to tell you how your poetry or writing made me feel.I guess its cuz i’m totally new to the blogging world. As I was saying…I have been following ur blogs and believe it or not u have inspired me to begin blogging myself. this ability you posess on your choice of words and their placement is moving. I’m not the only one who has been moved I’ve had my cousins read your blogs and they too have been like “DAMN, who’s this guy??!!!” Ok, now bak to this blog…you wrote that u have been eluded by love, and then u went on to say its been a lifetime(elude is a verb and it means not achieve, according to the Cambridge dictionary)…
    i wanted to ask u why you wrote this poem a few days ago,have you also been mistaken about being in love,or have you never been in love. It sounds like what you thought was love was only lust every time in all your years? And as far as the line you wrote,”…Broken hearts everywhere in the world” well said Melicus, I am one of those fools around the world!I recently got my heart broken at the worst possible time in my life 😦 and I just realized that’s the very reason I started coming to this site and reading blogs(a friend suggested it may help me feel better reading about how other people around the world are feeling)how ironic? So Sorry for my comment being this long,it’s my first comment to anyone’s blog ever and its exciting expressing myself to another person in this different style of communication! I think I have set up a blog thing of my own on wordpress, i’ll let you know so maybe you can read some of my first blogs.

    • Hi! Thanks for your compliments. Glad you like my stuff!

      The poem was written years ago; more than ten I think. I re-edited and posted it. When i wrote it, it wasn’t specifically at me, it was more about how differently love is viewed nowadays. In my experience most love stories back then started in bars and clubs. In these kind of places it is almost always a sexual initial contact, lust over love because that’s just the kinda atmosphere. Some are lucky to still find love I guess, but for most the lust wears out and they get to the point where they are with someone who they dont actually wanna be with. I think I was reflecting on that kinda scenario in this poem. Yes I’ve been through the thing myself as well….

      Don’t worry about your comments being long, it’s good to hear someone’s views on my stuff and I am sure others on here wil appreciate it as well; sure beats a simple ‘like’!

      • Thats what i’m sayin’ a simple like, come on now peoples…???!!!!
        And i’m glad to hear your good with my long comments, cuz your writing inspires me,I know that may sound kinda corny,but the thing is it’s totally true 😉

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