Me2You- Together and Apart


What you could never say with your lips

Your eyes now are whispering to me

Feelings you couldn’t express

Your touch is letting me know

The sound of our love

Your heartbeat is playing to me

How I make you feel inside

Your expressions give it all away


Am I just a dream you dreamt?

Then why won’t the mornings take me away?

Am I just a feeling locked inside?

Then why is it so hard to keep me there?

Am I just a breeze that brushed your face?

Then when the air is still, why you think I’m there?

Am I just a fantasy far far away?

Then why can you hear my whispers so clear?


When you hold that pillow close at night

I feel your grasp

When you kiss the air thinking of me

My darling I feel their caress

When you mumble to yourself you love me

Baby I hear that too

And then you fall asleep like so

I am nowhere, yet all over you


Sleep tight my love xxx


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