Tonight lets whisper

Two waves crash into one another
In the bright moonlight
Mixing into each other
Losing themselves one into another

Moving closer than ever before
Two hearts meet one another
They become one heartbeat
Pounding its music into their ears
All the music two meeting souls need

Two sets of lips join to make bliss
Two lovers touch under the sheets
Coming closer together
So that they become complete

Two sets of fingers entwine into each other
Hand squeezes hand finger locked with finger

Pulsating pure passionate love
Fingers like the minds, entwined

Two sets of eyes lock forever
Much is said not a word is uttered
Each set of eyes shows the other
How special this moment be

Two bodies move on one another

Feeling of nakedness of the other

Signifying the losing of all inhibitions
Encased in skin the fire of love burns

Two opposite winds collide into one another
A hurricane making its own path
Two dreams finally merge into one

Two souls finally become one
Two ……simply become just one
Two voices, a never heard whisper
Understood, without ever needing to be said.


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