What is a Holiday about?

  As I write this, I’m sitting on a chair on the edge of a beach, wearing just shorts. The sun warms me nicely, the warm sea water flows softly back n forth on my feet. Not bad considering it has probably been one of the worst years in London weather-wise. We have a water hose ban so god decided to make sure it doesn’t stop raining for two months!

 I came here on my own. To celebrate a business success I had in April. I am glad I did. Coming on your own is a whole different experience than coming with friends or family. It feels different. It’s a different place, where no one knows you; that’s doesn’t happen very often to me any more.

When you are on holiday with your family, there’s a fair chunk of stuff that feels less like holiday and more like chores. Add the wife to boot and relaxing means a couple of hours asleep on the beach at most. Don’t get me wrong, it is great fun with the children but to me, it never really feels like a total holiday.

With me and my friends on holidays, it’s more about living like we were 21 again. Drinking all night long lounging, doing boys on the loose things rather than being lazy. Good fun but rather hectic.

Kids, wives and friends, all have their own idea of fun, leading to compromises. Some are better, others more laborious. On your own, I have no such restraints. If I want to sleep in my room for 5 days I can, I eat what I want when I want. And despite the lack of companionship, this is what I prefer. Luckily I enjoy my own company and can usually strike a few conversations here and there. No compromising, is that selfish?

The essence of a holiday for me isn’t exploring or finding new adventures. Nor is it socialising or getting closer bonds with my family; I’m pretty close with my children and we spend fun time together. I do seperate holidays with the family for that anyway. For me it’s about doing nothing, recharging, reenergizing. Getting back to London with new ideas and improved old ideas and an eagerness to get things done which wanes after so many months behind a desk. Life is a drag, I just want my holidays to break away from all that. Not doing anything, no plans to follow, no need to get out of bed, no need to even think really,  that for me is a holiday; not having to do what I always have to do.

I will confess I tried to convince a few friends to come with me, but  right now, on day 2, I am glad they all had one reason or the other not to. It was more about the stigma I suppose of going on your own; so uncool man!! And also well, it sounds down right boring as well!

 I guess I was born a happy loner. I sit here and people watch, imagining what kind of lives they have run away from. I see few single holiday makers, a few groups, mostly families and couples. Then I can lounge by the pool and sleep. Wake up and I haven’t missed a thing, can order a drink or some munch, listen to some music what ever. If I get bored I can usually strike up a conversation at the bar and get some light banter going.

I think and enjoy thinking. Sometimes in London, there is time to only think about survival. Paying bills, work, kid’s schools, car, a million things to think about. But thinking beyond necessity though, that’s what I like. And having the time to just lay back and let random thoughts flow through my mind I love.

So tell me what types of holidays do you like most? Lads/girls , family or alone? And what do you like to come back with? Refresh yourself? Memories? Just get away from everyday?

Written on 22nd June 2012… such a long long long time ago that I think I need another holiday!!


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