Ticking Heart


Please don’t tic my heart please not again.

Don’t put me thru this again,

Don’t set me up again.

Please please pleaaaseeee don’t tic again


If u must pump blood that is fine.

Stick to your primary function.

I am used to your silence now, your low beat.

It helps in my mundane life of nothingness.

It helps focus at work and not to be bothered by much else.

Please, don’t be stupid, don’t start to tic again.


Don’t lead me on that path once again.

Don’t start beating fast just ‘cus she looks at you a certain way.

 Don’t make me want to hear her voice, or feel her lips or touch her face.

 Don’t do this you stupid fuck, don’t, god, please, fucking don’t tic again.

What goes tic must go tock,

What goes up must come down.

For every positive there is a negative,

For every cure there is a side effect.

The problem is, you little bastard, if I am writing this, then you’ve already started ticking haven’t you??


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