Madman Diaries P-Three, The final

My life

Living my life

Breathing the air

Walking the walk

Playing the part

For this I don’t need no heart

My dreams

Dreaming a dream

Seldom remembered

Always leaving a bitter taste in the mornings

Maybe I forget them on purpose

So I cant feel my heart

My memories

Remembering my memories

Some good ones I’ve forgotten

Some I wish I had forgotten

There I see my heart

And there’s where I leave it

What good is a heart?

Save for pumping blood

Yet that also is debatable

Is it worth the ache?

The taunting beat within a madman

The madness of a broken heart

What is madness? Madness is naught but the result of a heart. Is it madness to put on a front whereby no one will ever know u and u will die lonely? Or is madness taking the risk of letting just one person see behind the mask; risking everything u built up? Maybe madness is the incompatibility of love to exist behind masks; how far must one go to see the real one he/she is loving? Can madness be the ability to perceive that love is not indeed but a moment long? For we measure in time a seconds feeling which the next second may simply be gone? But could the madness be our lack of realisation that a moment’s breath later the whole feeling is gone? Perhaps madness is the crazy notion that as the second changes the love has expired and we had judged a love on the basis that it existed seconds ago without realising that it is now gone and that we didn’t really see behind the lovers mask to realise who we had loved and that letting one person through the mask had been a mistake and that now our own mask is broken and we are totally exposed to the world?? Is this madness? Say the wise never ask a madman why he is so for the answer may drive you to insanity, today I will grab u by your forelocks and drag u with me into insanity laughing; today the madman’s secret is out… he is mad because he has a heart……….




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