link Madman Diaries P-TWO My Lonliness and I

Me and my loneliness

Often talk to one another

We are like best friends

Always together never apart

Yet I hate her and she hates me

Me and my loneliness

We talk of the past mostly

Bout the people who have whizzed by

Some leaving fond memories

Some leaving bitter reminders

That’s when my heart joins in the conversation

He has a loud voice my heart

And he never shuts up

ImageTalks a lot of rubbish but still you got to feel sorry for him

He’s been thru a lot my heart

We are happy when he shuts up however

Me and my loneliness

We talk about my future

Where I want to be

Where im headed

Normally my brain pops in at this time

We don’t like himImage

Always telling us what to do

Always making plans

So when we see him

We walk away

Me and my loneliness

ImageSometimes late in the night

We gaze at the stars and talk to God

He’s the one we want to chat with

But he’s not much of a conversationalist

So we ask him

We scream at him

We shout at him

ImageWe beg him to say something


Did I say he don’t talk much?

Actually he don’t talk at all

He probably looks at us and laughs

At me and my loneliness



People call us mad

They think we should be locked up

They see us smile for no reason

Be glum all of a sudden

And when they talk to us

We normally just walk away

I don’t think they realise

We are already locked up within one another

My loneliness and IImage

 Goes well with my post smoke: smoke

Madman Diaries P-One:



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