If God willeth lightImage

Candles burn in thunderstorms

If God willeth rain

Deserts turn green

If God willeth noise

The heartbeat deafens the man

If God willeth happiness

He sends an angel to the ground



One such angel walks the ground right now

A twinkle in her eye, a smile on her lips

A look and you’re in heaven

A smirk and you can kiss your heart goodbye

The moon takes light from the sun

And you would swear the sun from her

If God wishes love

It is her he sends



Today I write this especially for you

Because today I want to tell you I’ve seen her

I knew her when I first set my eyes on her

From the very first word she uttered

From that first giggle I knew she was the one

The very air she inhales is blessed by her exhale

When God willed me a reason to live

He sent me an angel, he sent me you




 Dedicated to my 2 little angels, Y & S. Daddy loves ya.

Always xxx



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