Madman Diaries Part One


Put a gun to your head

Close your eyes

Got the balls?

Then pull the trigger

I know I can

But I don’t, why?

Because then I would for sure go to hell

Staying alive I figure I might delay that

Its choosing the lesser of two evils

Something might happen that’ll change my life forever

You scared to pull the trigger

I am scared of what happens next

Courage aint about dying, its about living

If hell is worse than this, then I don’t want to be there

Here trapped within my own mind

Haunted by my own thoughts

Caged by my own understanding

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

A lot of knowledge is a curse

I see the flaws in society you don’t

Nothing satisfies me, yet everything gives you satisfaction

In the land of the blind, one eyed man isn’t king

He sees the evil and the sadness and ugliness

The blind don’t even know they exist

I can hide here from the world

But I can never hide from my mind

I fear hell because I carry part of it with me

And the only reason why I don’t pull this trigger

Is because the hell on this side has to end, on the other side lies eternity


Suicidal Thoughts by The Notorious B.I.G


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