Mixed Drinks

Said the glass to the whiskey

Welcome my friend

Come into me

And lets us talk of times and experiences

Tell me was the bottle you poured from

As beautiful as me?

The whiskey said not a word

Said the hand that held the glass

She doesn’t like you glass

Greetings to you my friend

You are safe in my grasp

Tell me of the hands that have held you before

The whiskey said not a word

The lips approached and kissed the glass

Come to where you belong my friend

Ignore these here fools

For I am the destiny you seek

Tell me am I as sweet tasting to you as you are to me?

The whiskey said not a word

Into the mouth and through the body went the whiskey

Through the blood she swept through and through

Accompanied by more and more whiskey

Till finally my mind began to crumble

Then the whiskey spoke

I am the poison you love to drink

I am the weakness you yourself create

I am the force that takes over your senses

I am dead till I am within you

Then I consume you

The weak mind of mine replies

You are the poison that washes away my tears

Which torment me constantly

I am already weak

You just give me a reason to shamelessly be

I do not need my senses around me

So I call for you

And when you consume me I lose the old me

And I love the me controlled by you

The whiskey laughed at me

And I shed a tear

And she spoke ever so sweetly once again

Oh failed lover I am your destiny

Fear not you will always be with me

I will not leave you till you leave me

And even then I will wait for you constantly

And another tear escaped my eyes

And as it rolled away it laughed along my cheek

And screamed gleefully

At last I am free

Away from this cursed madman

Strong enough to fight any of the world

Yet broken because he couldn’t accept his own destiny

And the tear fell off my chin

Into my glass

And my hand raised to my lips

And I drank tears with my whiskey


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